Sapient Logic is proud to announce the award of the DICE and Naval LVC Functional Monitoring Threat Analysis Support Contract. Sapient Logic will design, develop, test, and sustain CFM, TASC, and hybrid cloud- Hardware-In-The-Loop (HWIL) test environments for the DICE project and bridge Application Integration of connected and hosted systems across Secret and Top-Secret enclaves across DevSecOps pipelines and HWIL T&E environments. Sapient Logic will establish a hybrid test environment bridging Cloud representative functionality with HWIL environments to allow C4ISR systems dependent on DICE resources to further their DevSecOps efforts. In addition, utilize Software Defined Networking (SDN), hosting infrastructure monitoring capability via CFM, and the application of Artificial Intelligence within the TASC application to enable DICE and future edge computing and infrastructure projects to understand its evolving security posture based on analysis of its digital Intrusion Detection and Prevention signatures. Sapient Logic will develop and provision Program Management Warfare (PMW) 160 CANES and Automated Digital Network System (ADNS), PMW 790 Shore Tactical Assured Command and Control (STACC), and PMW 130 Computer Network Defense (CND), Program of Record (POR) systems in a hybrid HWIL environment where we will implement network communications and cybersecurity strategies in support of HWIL, Cloud, and Software Armory environments.

Sapient Logic will use its following expertise to execute the following tasks in support of this project:

• Systems and Equipment Knowledge
• Project Management
• Enterprise Architecture (EA) Business Decision-Making
• Design and Engineering
• Prototyping and Demonstrations
• Software Engineering Support
• Systems Engineering
• Testing and Integration Engineering
• Information Assurance and Cyber Security Support
• Configuration Management