Who We Are

Sapient Logic is a passionate collective of engineers and managers dedicated to providing Revenue Cycle Management solutions, along with software and systems engineering solutions to our valued customers. In order to achieve a harmonious blend of work and leisure, we actively participate in a diverse range of outdoor activities that embrace the beauty of nature, indulge in the joys of cinematic experiences, embark on exciting journeys, and partake in other exciting activities.

What We Do

The foundation of this company is based on the mindset of pursuing sound solutions to problems faced by our customers and delivering those solutions in a variety of ways. Sapient Logic provides healthcare based software and Revenue Cycle Management solutions to healthcare providers, along with delivering network Information Technology services, testing and evaluating military systems, building tiered-based software applications via Software Development Lifecycle processes, consulting on cybersecurity matters, configuring and Cyber Network Defense tools, and delivering systems engineering architecture and plans to our private and Department of Defense customers.

Our Clients and Partners